Aek's Creamy Cum Feet

'I've got a size 9 foot, smooth, big toes, and I would love to shoot my huge load of cum all over my feet for your site,' he said when I met Aek online at Gaydar. I invited him down for a casting session, and before I could turn my camera on he was already taking his shoes and socks off. 'Wait!' I exclaimed. 'I want to see those sexy toes of yours badly, but first I need some pics of you taking off your dirty shoes and slowly stripping out of those sweaty socks. Those are now the property of by the way,' I say as I stuff his shoes and socks in my closet.

Needless to say, this cute young 18 year old Thai boy more then lived up to my expectations. His feet our fucking gorgeous! What's more, he did in fact shoot one of the biggest and creamiest cum loads I've ever seen on his smooth and sexy feet. I give Aek two toes up (and one cock)!

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